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Inspiring rock about life's triumphs & tragedies.
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At This Moment - as featured on the iTunes main page, debut week July 23rd, 2013 Rhapsodize, The One, Take Time, A Day in the Life (of a dog) and Bop-ba-do-Baa all received radio airtime, nice! 12 diverse, original soft-rock tracks and 1 suburban retro rock remake of "Only Wanna Be With You" The recordings and songs involved over a dozen amazing artists: - Grammy winner, friend Doug Smith, ala the "August Rush" soundtrack, on Take Time a fun, light-hearted jazz-rock instrumental - Move On was co-written with Marv Ross/Quarterflash - I Am with Portland's Jake Oken-Berg "The tracks are a mixture of silly fun songs, beautiful ballads and a wide range of stylistic rock tunes with political & social commentary that get better with every listen." - Interdual Radio Mixed by Sir Bob Stark and mastered by Sir Steve Savage Not Far Away - released worldwide September 2015 Inspiring rock featuring “him & her” vocals and a great band on a pleasant, varied musical journey. Thoughtful songs about love, life and you, including The Moon Is Rising, Gentle World, and Too Late. 7 songs off this album received radio airplay including Wait, the single from "Not Far Away" played on over 150 stations. This collection of songs is truly special; we think you’ll agree. "Not Far Away" was produced, written, and recorded entirely by the band. Each track reveals the synergy, sound, and positive vibe that has become just us, The Noted. We hope you love the new album; be sure to say “Hello.” Mixed and mastered by Sir Steve Savage/The Rumpus Room
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THE NOTED "Inspiring rock about life's triumphs & tragedies."
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